We handle a wide range of items that have been manufactured over time, from the latest hermes items to masterpieces and vintage items.
ORANGE BOUTIQUE aims to be a boutique that can connect your fellings and provide you the utmost services.

Charm of hermes

hermes is a world-famous fashion brand with a deep history that began as a harness workshop established in France in 1837.
The charm of hermes lies in the high degree of perfection of various item, including leather items that are made one by one by craftsmen.
There is consistency in design and texture, and coordination can be done with a sense of unity between brands.

Our Collections

Speaking of hermes' representative work, "Kelly" was named as the favorite bag of former American actress Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco.
There is also famous "Birkin", which was named as a gift from hermes to actress and singer Jane Birkin.
At ORANGE BOUTIQUE, we always have a large number of items such as bags, wallets, jewelry and etc. in addition to "Kelly" and "Birkin".